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Loneliness Is Not Always The Case - 905 Words

Ariel Tam Professor Weiss English 1A 10/2/15 Importance of Solitude Essay People fear being alone because being alone is often associated with loneliness. But, loneliness is not always the case. Loneliness is a negative state, marked by a sense of isolation. †¦ Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely (Marano, https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200308/what-is-solitude). People experience solitude in different ways, whether it is through religion, meditation, or nature. For example, studies show women are more inclined to find solitude at home, while men are more inclined to find solitude outdoors (Sisson, http://www.marksdailyapple.com/solitude-health/#axzz3nFbUlySk). Solitude has many positive impacts, like relieving anger, improving cognitive performance, and embracing creativity. To begin, solitude is good for when people are furious. The author of Happiness for Dummies, W. Doyle Gentry, claims, â€Å"Solitude jumpstarts the parasympathetic nervous system (the branch of the autonomic nervous system that calms you down)† (Gentry, http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-importance-of-solitude-for-happiness.html). To expand on this, Ester Schaler Buchholz, the writer of The Call of Solitude: Alonetime in a World of Attachment, declares, â€Å"Trance states, when tested physiologically, show parasympathetic activity. The energy-conserving function of that system confirms what I believe to be alonetime physiology of lowered heart rate, motorShow MoreRelatedThe Waitress Was New By Dominque Fabre1640 Words   |  7 PagesLoneliness can exist even on the bustling streets of New York City or the cramped cabin of a passenger airliner, because within all of us there is a form of loneliness no amount of people can cure. Within the novel The Waitress Was Ne w, by Dominque Fabre, loneliness is presented to us in the form of a barman named Pierre who works at a busy metro cafà © in a suburb of Paris. Pierre who is a professional at the art of listening leads a simple existence outwardly but internally he is plagued by lonelinessRead MoreLoneliness Essay1438 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is loneliness? Loneliness is a kindergartener missing her mom so much she walks in front of a train, leaving only a note that read â€Å"I wanted to be with my mom.† It is the new kid sitting in the bathroom for lunch because they have yet to make any friends. Steinbeck understands what loneliness is. In Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck illustrates that loneliness is different for everyone, including how people are affected by it and react to it. To illustrate this, Steinbeck uses two characters, Curley’sRead MoreA Marginal Structural Model Analysis For Loneliness1037 Words   |  4 Pagesinto what is loneliness and its personality construct of int erest. I begin by explaining the definition of loneliness and the different types. My research is composed of several scholarly journal articles, 2 from which are empirical papers. The journals I have chose to base my study of are the Review of Loneliness and Longing: Conscious and Unconscious Aspects, Consequences of Loneliness on Physical Activity and Mortality in Older Adults and the Power of Positive Emotions, Is Loneliness a PsychologicalRead MoreThe Theme of Loneliness in John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men Essay870 Words   |  4 PagesThe Theme of Loneliness in John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is set in the farmlands of Salinas Valley in California during the 1930’s. At this time there was a world wide depression caused by the Wall Street crash in America. John Steinbeck was born and brought up in Salinas California, he had lived and experienced a life of a migrant worker and that is what inspired him to write this novel (novella?). This meant he could paint a lot Read MoreLoneliness in Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck1204 Words   |  5 Pagesmorning to calm the weary and the broken spirits of the people in Cannery Row. Each of us just like the people in Cannery Row uses something or someone to compensate for the loneliness in our lives. Money, relationships, and personal struggles are evident and bring about loneliness to the people in cannery. They bring about loneliness to everyone not just the people of Cannery Row. Cannery Row is not a fantasy or a dream for we can all learn something from each person in this story. Their lives can beRead MoreLoneliness in John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men Essay1733 Words   |  7 Pages Loneliness nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;There is only one thing in life that is really needed and that is friends. Without friends, people would suffer from loneliness and solitude. Loneliness leads to low self-estee. In the novel, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, the characters, Crooks, Candy, and Curly’s wife all show some form of loneliness. They are curious of George and Lennie’s friendship because they do not have that support in their life. Through his novel, Of Mice and Men, SteinbeckRead MoreIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?911 Words   |  4 PagesSince the beginning of time humankind has been revolutionary in the arts of technology. The invention of the wheel in cavemen times to the iphone in today s world, human beings are always inventing new gadgets to help our society or destroy. For instance, since the breakthrough of Facebook millions of users have subscribed to this social media, with it comes with â€Å"friends† however most of them are strangers. It is import ant to realize society has been so engrossed in the social media and internetRead MoreJohn Steinbeck s Of Mice And Men968 Words   |  4 PagesSolidifying the theme of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, the protagonist George expresses his significant loneliness despite a strong kinship with his friend Lennie, â€Å"’I ain’t got no people†¦ I seen the guys that go around the ranches alone. That ain’t no good’† (41). Published in 1937, amidst the horrific turmoil of the Great Depression, Steinbeck’s novella struck a sensitive chord with readers. Set in the heart of California’s Central Valley, this story follows two men, George and Lennie, asRead MoreLove Prevails Over Depression : Depression1114 Words   |  5 Pagesadults in America suffer from mental illness every year, with depression currently standing as the leading mental illness (NAMI). With this many people suffering daily, there is room for a lot of emotional trauma in relationships. While this may be the case, those with depression can often times find a loving relationship that works for their needs. There is plenty of room for error when dealing with emotionally distressed people. Depression can often be misunderstood as being sad, hating life, or beingRead MoreEssay on Theme of Loneliness in John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men1136 Words   |  5 PagesThe Theme of Loneliness in Of Mice and Men      Ã‚  Ã‚   In the novel, Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck used George and Lennies relationship and the theme of hope to point out the loneliness in the novel. The novel starts off and is set in Soledad which means lonely. At the beginning they get a job working on a farm together. Lennie is a little retarded and has great physical strength that isnt too controllable. As they work from ranch to ranch, Lennie relies on George for guidance and help. Rather

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Social Anthropology and Politics - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1501 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Culture Essay Level High school Tags: Ethnographic Essay Did you like this example? Ethnography is a form of anthropology in which an ethnographer studies the customs and behaviors to describe a group or culture. Ethnographers can study anything ranging from a small exotic land to a classroom anywhere in the world. (Fetterman 1998, 1). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Social Anthropology and Politics" essay for you Create order What it means, precisely, to behave ethically and in a matter that is politically correct, is a line of inquiry that challenges this discipline. This is so because the questions raised are broad and difficult to answer. However, there are certain actions and behaviors that are universally understood to be unethical and politically incorrect as these relate to ethnography. Since the researchers job is to extract the relevant, unknown and critical areas of the subjects life, culture, and daily routine, conflicting data, and subjective personalities can easily interfere with the collection and analysis of credible and usable information. Certainly, the approach and methodology employed by the researcher, as well as his or her temperament, in relation to the subject matter, all affect the integrity of the data and the conclusions drawn from it. Thus, the ethnographers awareness of these factors is a crucial component in the ethnographic process and should be learned, appreciated and appl ied by its practitioners. The accuracy of the ethnographers data collection efforts are routinely and continually challenged by both ethical and political factors that conflict or impair the researchers results. Often, these conflicts occur because the researcher is not in tune with the implicit meaning of the spoken and unspoken communication of the subject (or group of subjects). Many communications, although apparently straightforward on the surface, are misinterpreted or misconstrued because the ethnographer is not familiar with the subtleties of the subject community. Thus, it seems, that the ethnographers research can be affected and even tarnished if he or she is not aware of and sensitive to the ethical and political perspectives of the subject community. This awareness will impact how the ethnographer approaches his or her methodology of acquiring valid information from different groups or cultures. Thus, the different methods that ethnographers use in their research studies, must be synchronized with the political and ethical issues that will likely affect the information elicited. Anthropological self-questioning concerning the conditions and outcomes of knowledge production are especially acute where ethnography is concerned. The basics of most anthropological guidelines stress the principles of seeking informed consent, not causing harm to individu als, leaving the field situation in the way one found it, and safeguarding confidentiality. Clearly, the more skilled ethnographers employ a great deal of thoughtfulness and organization when preparing for their research projects. Successful research can and will lead to significant findings, but poor research will not. One of the crucial steps that an ethnographer-interviewer takes in preparation of an interview, is the formulation of a grand tour question that is designed to elicit a broad picture of the participants life or culture (Fetterman 1998, 40). Verbal interaction is the primary conduit of an interview, but can also be a source of conflict and concern unless the ethnographer is attuned to potential differences with respect to the meaning of key words and concepts. Words and expressions have different meanings in different cultures and therefore can be communicated, processed and understood in various ways and, in some cases, the completely wrong way (Fetterman 1998, 38). Often, these misinterpretations can lead to ethical conflicts when a subject takes offense at an ethnographers accidental poor choice of wording or the ethnographer makes an erroneous assumption or judgment about the subject or their native land. A significant aspect of an ethnographers research methodology is travel. Many ethnographer-researchers travel to remote parts of the world in order to witness and engage with other cultures (immersion). It is important that the ethnographer strive to adapt to the subject culture and, at the same time, guard against his or her own cultural biases to be perceived by the subjects. What is clear is that this form of cultural immersion enables the ethnographer to learn a great deal about the communication and cultural aspects of the subject as well as their collective sense of self. A particular concern noted by Madison occurs when the ethnographer assumes a posture of superiority. This often leads to and results in a tacit, or overt, power struggle between the researcher and the subject, and positionality arises as a result. This dynamic is considered an ethical concern because it is neither conducive for the ethnographer or the native subject to have power over the other. In the case where the ethnographer becomes too self-obsessed due to his or her superior education, they may lose track of the reason as to why they are really there, and start to overpower the natives. (Madison 2005, 105). Certainly, this power struggle will result in inferior data. Ethnographies are designed to be holistic accounts that strive to present comprehensive accounts of another society and its culture, showing the interrelation of elements such as political organization, religion, law, kinship, mythology, and subsistence practices. Intimate, face-to-face research can be politically sensitive and can heighten the self-consciousness of all parties involved. The experiential and subjective nature of this mode of research opens anthropological reflections to the humanities and to ways of becoming involved in social issues (Brown 2004). Despite all of the incredible research undertaken by ethnographers, they must be continually on the alert for ethical, as well as political, issues that arise in the course of their research. In fact, political concerns may be ever more problematic because of their subtlety. Community politics has always been closely involved with issues of research and ethics. Mo re attention has been dedicated to this political concern, as it affects ethnography, since the 1970s. Issues involving gender, class, ethnicity, social strata and the like can easily affect the quality of data obtained by ethnographic research. Even when the intent is to the contrary, an ethnographer can at times make his or her subject feel uncomfortable or self-conscious by the way that questions are phrased or by over-sharing their political opinion. Generally, people are politically sensitive. Each culture has different perspectives and tolerances that are acceptable to them. An outsider trying to immerse ones self into an entirely different culture, can unintentionally but easily cause political conflict and sensitivity to surface. In groups or cultures where a specific political view is widely shared and, on the surface accepted as the norm, many subjects will hide their opposing thoughts because of the prevailing political thought in their communities. The political climate will often inhibit or dilute the communication of the truth in peoples hearts. John Provinse, was mainly concerned with problems of a political nature regarding ethnography. When Australian and Melanesian ethnography was developed in the early 1900s, it influenced studies of kinship, religion and social structure. However, there was no emphasis on the study of political issues. Since these nations were small, they did not have widely differing political opinions. While studying in Melanesia, anthropologist Malinowski decided to create a functional school of anthropology where the primary focus would be on the study of systems and behavior in various societies. This opened up one of the earlier definitive ethnographic study of political movements and studies. This movement toward political anthropology began when trained students from small lands encountered large-scale lands in Africa. In fact, they were compelled to study government and politics (Provinse 1953. 18). Since, initially, they were not familiar with these types of society and political problems, they had to compare their data to other anthropologists working in very different places. Radcliffe-Brown came up with a definition to define the politics which were involved in isolating essentials of political organization: In studying political organization, we have to deal with the maintenance or establishment of social order, within a territorial framework, by the organized exercise of coercive authority through the use, or the possibility of use, of physical force (Hammer 2002, 22). This shift in ethnographers studies, produced a change in the type of data they now collect through observation. It also caused the rapid growth of political parties and the emergence of new political regimes which altered anthropologists conception of ethnography. Anthropological studies dealing with national political parties and their impact upon local political events began to appear in the late 1950s. In a period of contending interests, most studies deal with competition, with conflict, and with rapid change (Gluckman 1965). Given the unique nature of ethnographic research, which distinguishes it from impersonal archival work, mass-administered questionnaires and number crunching, public surveillance, and more remote ways of interpreting peoples behaviors and their meanings, many fields and diverse interests have become attracted to ethnography (Gluckman 1965). Ethnography, when carefully undertaken and performed, can yield incredibly enlightening information about a culture. Clearly, the most important discoveries are those that are not obvious but require digging deeper and penetrating barriers. When the ethnographer is able to overcome or account for ethical or political concerns that might affect the quality of data obtained, and then controls for these factors, this will likely yield more accurate information and provide a basis for more realistic conclusions relating to a subject culture.

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Income Inequality And Their Effects - 2608 Words

Income Inequality and Their Effects Income inequality is talked about frequently in modern society. Most places around the world are feeling the weight and effects of income inequality. According to businessdictionary.com, the definition of income inequality is, â€Å"A measurement of the distribution of income that highlights the gap between individuals or households making most of the income in a given country and those making very little (â€Å"What is Income Inequality†).† This definition holds true for all countries including the United States. Economists look at all aspects of a person’s life and household to decide their position on the scale of income inequality. In order to reach an accurate depiction of income inequality a person’s education, age, possessions, and expenses need to be analyzed. Once these issues are addressed, one can start to look at how income inequality affects society as a whole. First of all, the inequality of income can be measured by real GDP through Census data but is only one side to the depiction of it and is slightly flawed. Relying only on GDP does not capture all of the effects income inequality can place on society, like the abstract things that people value in life. A person’s economic satisfaction does not only focus on their absolute economic position but also their social position (Frank 113). If a person is well off financially, but does not have a high social status, this creates a gap in satisfaction, adding to inequality. The mostShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Income Inequality1038 Words   |  5 PagesEquality is one of the biggest concerns in most societies. Independent of philosophy, culture, or religion, the society always care about this growing issue. Inequalities are shown in diverse ways by people’s position in the distribution of wealth or income but could also be related to other characteristics like having a disabilit y, different ethnicity or background or gender. In the 2005 World Development Report elaborated by the World Bank, it is stated: â€Å"We now have considerable evidence thatRead MoreIncome Inequality And Its Effect On The Environment2513 Words   |  11 Pages INCOME INEQUALITY AND ITS EFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT- III Student’s Name Course Dated â€Æ' INCOME INEQUALITY AND ITS EFFECT ON THE ENVIRONMENT INTRODUCTION Income inequality and its effect on environment have been highlighted by a number of authors. The previous paper in this regard highlighted general and government specific aspects of the two determinants of environment, environment degradation and health. The aim of this paper is to highlight the environmental emergency that emerges due incomeRead MoreThe Effect of Income Inequality on Economic Growth1341 Words   |  5 Pagesthe population barely owns $1.7 trillion (some 0.7% of the worlds wealth), about the same as the worlds 85 richest people. (http://www.globalissues.org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats) So, if somebody wonders why did I choose the subject of inequality the previous lines are exactly the reason. The hypothesis I will try to prove further in my paper is that the striking gap between rich and poor population in the world cannot lead to economic growth. Furthermore, Human Capital is considered toRead MoreThe Effects Of Income Inequality For Educated Women1691 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of Income Inequality for Educated Women Income is a necessity that millions of men and women rely on. While advances in technology continue to develop, the need for educated workers is expected to increase as well. Because of this, the belief that a college education will ensure a well-paying job and a life of success is still a motivating factor for many students. But what if perusing a degree in order to obtain these positions meant that you still earn less than your male counterpartRead MoreLabor Unions And Its Effect On Income Inequality912 Words   |  4 PagesLABOR UNIONS With many laws enacted to tarnish their effectiveness in the appearance of a better functioning economy, labor unions appear to have an unmistakable effect on income inequality. Western and Rosenfeld explain the power of the labor union and how important of a role it holds for its workers. Western and Rosenfeld analyzes the contributions that unions made and the consequences of their decline coupled with the rise in unfair wage distribution. Kristal supports that the lack of bargainingRead MoreEmployment Equity And Its Effect On Income Inequality2490 Words   |  10 Pagesthe numerical objective of Employment Equity Policy to increase the representation and dissemination of the four mentioned groups (Barker 2008). The thesis of this paper is to prove that employment equity is fair and necessary to diminish income inequality. To do so, the paper first reviews the available literatures and schools of thought. Then, the paper focuses more on addressing the thesis and providing evidences to support the argument. The paper ends with a short conclusion. The paper utilizedRead MoreEssay on Income Inequality and the Effect on Gender Diversity1080 Words   |  5 Pagesthe same time, it would seem fair that women and men would earn the same amount. However, this is not the case. Women, working alongside with men, are paid less than the men. This income inequality can cause women to work in other companies. As a result, gender diversity is reduced. To promote gender diversity, Income should be equal regardless of gender. Because women have been employed in the workforce for many years, they should be treated as equals to men. During the initial stage of employingRead MoreIncome Inequality: It’s Effect on African-American Single Mothers and Their Children1629 Words   |  7 PagesIncome Inequality: It’s Effect on African-American Single Mothers and Their Children. I believe that it’s not fair for single mothers to get paid less, when some of them are the back bones of this country. Currently the minimum wage, in the United States, is set to 8$ per hour. Women in general are only paid 77%, so it is appropriate to assume that through mathematics, women get a wage as high as $6.16. African-American women only get paid 64% of every dollar a man makes. If the minimum wage isRead MoreEducation And Income Inequality : New Evidence From Cross Country Data Essay927 Words   |  4 PagesLee published â€Å"Education and Income Inequality: New Evidence from Cross-Country Data† in the early 2000s (Gregorio Lee, 2002). This paper looks at empirical evidence on how educational factors, like higher educational attainment and equal distribution of education, play a significant role in income distribution. The authors Gregorio and Lee state that many other literature pieces emphasize education as one of the major factors affecting the degree o f income inequality (Gregorio Lee, 2002). GregorioRead MoreThe Effects of Wealth Inequality in the U.S.1484 Words   |  6 PagesGiovenco Political Science Inequality Paper 12-18-14 The Effects of Wealth Inequality in the United States Wealth inequality in the United States has grown tremendously since 1970. The United States continuously reveals higher rates of inequality as a result of perpetual support for free market capitalism. The high rates of wealth inequality cause the growing financial crisis to persist, lower socio-economic mobility, increase national poverty, and have adverse effects on health and well being

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Global Integrated Marketing Campaignâ€Free Samples for Students

Question: Discuss About the Global Integrated Marketing Campaign? Answer: Introduction: Integration is very important and has turned as one of the most utilized part of showcasing. There are various multimodal, real time and multi-dimensional communication due to which the marketing has been surpassed. Along with that there are changes is innovation and advertising methodologies. Integrated Market Communication ensures that all forms of communication and messages have a proper blend. IMC signifies integrating all the promotional tools so that they can work in symmetry and focus individually on each part(Purcell, 20111). IMC can help in building competitive advantage, increase sales and enhance profits of the business. If all forms of communication process work in synchronization it can help the buyers in their buying process. A blend of all the communication process can help in targeting focused customers (High Net worth Individual) of the company who actually help in generating huge profits for the business Integrated market is evolving as its serves to adopt a combination of traditional and modern concepts. These days automated tools are established to create one innovative idea for the business. The world has become more increasingly connected with technology requiring companies to develop marketing campaigns. The integrated market campaign of 21st century is not a mirror of same advertisement being flourished worldwide, but it focuses on different media platforms. A successful integrated marketing campaign should be led by a successful manager who has knowledge and training skills to strategize a comprehensive campaign. As defined by the American Association of Advertising Integrated Market communication identifies the worth of a well evaluated plan that inculcates various strategies i.e. advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion and combines them to provide lucidity, transparency and maximum communication impact(ZDNet., 2008). Key factors to be considered: Approach used is a blend of Brand and marketing efforts involved to spread the message across various communication channels Niche marketing is the concept adopted these days, which is more cost effective and value oriented(Kotler Kohler, 2000) Communication tools to be adopted is a mix of Traditional and modular strategies. For example, blogs, search engine optimization, billboards and magazines Television newspaper are the most common forms which can help in reaching out to our customers i.e. target should be wider audience. Other forms of communication include sales promotion, door to door selling, product packaging, pamphlets, Direct Marketing and Publicity. Broadly explained are the various elements of marketing: Foundation Foundation as the name suggests, involves detailed analysis of both the products and the target audience. Strategies followed by other competitors should be known to the existing market users(Levitt, 2000). Corporate Culture The products and services manufactured should be in line with the demand of the customer. Every organization has perceptions, and marketers should keep in mind before designing or launching any product(Hunt, 2014). Brand visibility Identity of an organization is known by its brand and goodwill in the market(Jeannet, 2000). Customer Experience Consumer feedback and knowing their experience is a must. A customer is likely to pick a product which attracts him, be it design, packaging or its contents(Houston, 2000). Communication Tools There are different modes to advertise your product i.e. direct selling, advertising through newspapers, or any form of media or social networking sites or face to face selling Promotional Tools A type of product manufactured can be promoted through various tools i.e. trade promotion/ personal selling Advantages of Global Standardization Every organization can be successful globally, while others are meant only for global expansion. But making little changes in the business strategy can make a business successful globally. Listed below are some advantages: Helps reach a large customer group A product which is successful in global markets, will gain competitiveness globally The risk can be widespread across domestic and global market Same level of quality of any specific brand can be spread across It is beneficial to adopt a standardized approach Cost reduction which helps in improving economies of scale Disadvantages of Global Standardization Different markets prefer different preferences. Selling one unified product lacks distinct characteristics: Allows competition to gain market share Companies are open to be attacked by the competitors It depends upon economies of scale Trade barriers also tend to be the biggest disadvantage in global markets Loss of effective marketing strategies Although standardized approach is more powerful, its adoption is not subject to any conditions as proposed by Douglas and Wind (1987). The standardized strategy increases the companys performance. However this only takes place where competition has global presence i.e. consumer durables, electronics, fashion and perfumes etc. And on the other hand there are companies where one strategy is not relevant. A combination of visual, audio and written message is used to reach the Target audience through Advertising which is one of the effective ways of Brand Promotion. The more innovative and attractive the advertisement is, the more loyalty it will build amongst the customers. Promoters need to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right customer and at the right time (Johnson, 2000). Print Media Advertising on the other hand is equally important to Target its audience. It is a form of advertising in which magazines and newspapers are used to reach its customers. Advertisers also use digital media like Banners, Mobile Advertising and Social Media to reach the same Target audience (Annoymous, 2015). Below are the advantages of Print Media Advertising: Unlimited Exposure: Print Media can be used Infinite times and by multiple reads i.e. advertisement displayed in the newspaper or Magazine can be viewed number of times and at the ease of the viewer, whereas advertisement displayed on media have a drawback as it has limited audience present at that particular point of time when the add is being displayed. Less Intrusive: It is less bothersome to spread awareness or advertise to any region with the help of Local newspapers and magazines. It also involves less cost than Media Advertising Static Message: Print Advertisement is always one liners i.e. to communicate the message across and attract the attention of the readers fleeting messages are not required(Doole, 2005). More Flexibility and Personal Attention: At times, specially incase ofregional newspapers special sections are displayed to advertise a new caf/restaurant in the area. Cost estimate can be done with the available Budget(Czinkota, 2006). Disadvantages of Print Media: Not recommended for Widespread audience: If an advertisement is to be flashed world-wide i.e. Target audience is globally then this medium is not a suitable method of communication Ads may be lost in transit/ reader skips the page: At timesAdd may be lost during transit and is not published in the newspaper or sometimes there are multiple ads published in the newspaper so at times readers can skip reading it. This generally happens during festive seasons when there are lot many adds in the Magazine/Newspaper(Gerber, 2008). Integrated Marketing has been in the particular field of advertising from more than three decades. In the modern era, things that we need of mass communication may well be the balanced campaign a campaign where digital media, radio, television, print all trigger to create a reach that could never be fulfilled with the singlemedium. Lets take an example to understand the situation better: Cancer Research UK Cancer research UK an organization, focused on Lets beat Cancer sooner. It is committed to funding cancer research of highest international talent. It wants people to think that a simple signature of yours can beat the Cancer. Their widespread Advertising, created by Atomic London keeps a perfect blend of Digital media, print and television to extract the word that leaving money to Cancer research can help the future It has been supported with a Documentary film, where daily use products and equipments are made to look like Signatures. The movie is supported through Digital Print and Ads. Atomic London focused on emerging a useful message or Tag Line amongst its Target audience. This campaign lead to achievement and success in what it aimed at The Cancer Research constitution has been a success multiple times by raising funds for research of 200 types of Cancer. It hopes that Race for life will raise funds and cure the patients. The campaign is a success at it has helped in saving 1000 lives and convincing people to see a doctor if a disease lasts for a month or more. Print Global Advertisement of BMW I8 BMW is one of the largest automobile brands across the world. The firm drives its importance from its goodwill and image of being a German Company which accelerates in quality orientation and engineering. The Model I8 is an electric Car Model running an Advertising Campaign in all the major publications i.e. Times, Economist, Hindu etc(Nikitina, 2014). The campaign is quite consistent and uniform. It is running the campaign in all the major markets where its existence is present. The same campaign is advertized everywhere across the world. In its perception it shows a two seated blue image against a landscape influenced by a neon lit glass and concrete towers. The advertisement focuses on a two seated top model sports carwith Fleet Management and fuel System(Taure, 2014). This system provides its clients advanced vehicle solutions. The E-drive technology is based on the electric motor developed and built by BMW. The Tag line of this Global Campaign is BORN ELECTRIC. The campaign message to the audience lies in innovative technology. The message implies that the person driving the BMW I8 will not only be driving eco-friendly car but will also enjoy a pleasure ride. The reason behind campaign is its brand image which is the most important source of competitive advantage for the organization. This is the reason behind not publishing a customized add. It has a high share in the market(Ottaway, 2014). The print advertisement campaign of BMW I8 is a part of Global integrated Marketing communication. The same advertisement is published in newspapers, on television, internet and other modes of digital Media to influence the customers and lure them to buy the luxury brand(Bhasin, 2017). Time has come to re-think about Global Branding. Its been two decades, the Harvard school professor Levitt declared that Global market for uniform products and services has emerged. Brands like Coca-Cola, Mc-Donalds, Adidas and Nike have become electrical discharge for Anti-globalization protests. Cathy Pacific Global Campaign Cathy Pacific is a well known airway of Hong-kong with its head office located at Hong Kong International Airport. It is spread worldwide across 180 destinations and spread in 44 countries. It was founded by Roy Farewell. Cathy is a major shareholder of Air China. Its wholly owned subsidy Cathy dragon operates in 44 different countries (Peter, 2015). Its wholly owned subsidiary serves 27 million customers and over 1.5 million of cargo and mail. Cathy pacific was awarded best airlines in the year 2014. Cathy Pacific like any other airline company is bearing high cost of fuel. After the 2008 financial crisis Revenue has dropped widely from its high end customers (business customers). This is due to the reason; many highly paid companies have dropped incentives given to customers in the form of air tickets in order to control their overall cost budget as the cost allocation to the companies have reduced with high inflation prices. In this competitive world in order to survive Cathy Pacific has shifted its focus from Business class customers to Economy class and their Target audience has changed keeping in mind the market scenario. It has visualized its add in turquoise green color with a lady sitting on green premium Economy chair comfortably and with ease enjoying the benefits of Economy class. It elaborates its add with highlighting more leg space between you and seat so that one can sleep comfortably if its a long travel. The Tag line focuses on Some things just feel right Cathy organized various road shows to make it a success amongst the public. This global advertising campaign is a standardized one as it follows all the codes and ethics. The add is displayed in newspapers, magazines and various periodicals. The standardized add campaign is circulated in different countries delivering same message across all the nations. It has blended all the Ps of marketing properly with its main agenda of focusing on its Target audience. The success of the newly created campaign is a great success as it has helped Cathy Pacific in winning its customers. Dimensions of Global Brand A two way research project was carried out in the year 2002 to know how people in different countries value Global Brands. Survey was carried out to know the importance of global brands, when people buy the products across the nation. What is Good Global Marketing? To express the real need of Global Marketing and how it looks like has been supported with some examples where International Marketing has proved to be a success(Douglas, 2004). Global Marketing is a concept to provide valuable products, solutions and services to varied customers across India and globally across all the nations(Krasnikov, 2008). The 4 Ps of Marketing are affected the most i.e. Product, Price, Promotion and Place when a company moves to become a global firm. Worldwide campaigning and spreading the message across the Target group of customers Global Marketing is the right mode of communication. As and when a new competitor enters the market the threat of change accelerates, technology shrinks and competitive pressure mounts. Earlier companies which focused on domestic markets is now try to enter global markets as well, with increased competition in the market. Advantages of Global Market include the following indicators: Economies of Scale in Distribution and Production Market costs involved are low Brand Image and Goodwill Uniformity in Marketing Practices Helps in building relationships beyond political arena E-marketing overpowered by Traditional marketing Effective and efficient utilization of Innovative Ideas and approach Examples of Brilliant Global Marketing: Dunkin Donuts International presence of Dunkin Donuts can be felt across 30 countries, serving both its domestic and Global customers worldwide. Dunkin Donuts an FMCG is not afraid to celebrate cultural differences in an effort to make stronger its International presence Dominos Dominos, a leading pizza serving company has itemized its menu, as a means to increase its sales globally. The enthusiasm of pizza is the pizza sauce, toppings and cheese which works fundamentally everywhere except China, where dairy isnt their cup of tea. By simply changing the toppings innovations can be made to the product, to gain international audience Coca Cola Coca Cola is the best example of a brand gaining International presence. Though the company puts effort and time in small scale charity programs, being a large entity. It has installed 650 clean water pools in the rural village of Middle East. It has also sponsored the My School Initiative in India. An event was organized in Paris for the first time ever, which united Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coca Cola Zero and other Brands of Cola. The campaign focused on Taste the Feeling The One Brand Strategy focused on: Connect with customers across the world, making Global campaign a success Allowing customers to choose the Taste of Cola as per their preferences Celebrating the experience and pleasure of drinking Coca cola Extending its Global presence across different nations Integrated Marketing Communication is dependent upon the following 3 approaches i.e: Inside- Out Approach Outside- In Approach Cross-functional strategic Approach Inside Out Approach This approach concentrates on one-sided view point as it collaborates the elements of communication and marketing to create a single uniform message. It depends upon the organization preferences and prospective which approach/strategy to choose. The inside outside approach follows one voice, which circulates one clear message amongst its audience. Whereas when this approach is applied to different organization the message may vary. Hence this approach is considered and Outdated approach Outside in Approach This approach focuses on the wants and needs of the customer. Organizations can take valuable feedback from its customers and can improve upon its approach as per the needs and requirements of the customer. Cross- Functional Strategic Approach This approach of Integrated Marketing is totally different from the other two approaches. The focus of this approach has shifted towards restructuring the organization and adopting an environment where customer is the prime focus. Two way communication is always beneficial from the prospective of the business and consumer both. Enabling Integration, Agility and Change Three core essentials for modern organizations is smooth integration of customer and business processes, ability to change and agility. These essentials are relevant in view of successfully executing strategies. New customer trends, political changes, new technology, globalization, environmental concerns and many other key features are adding complexity to the business. Despite the fact that importance of International marketing is increasing to survive and exist in the modern world. Has Standardization been adopted in both the Ads above i.e. BMW I8 and Cancer Research UK The process of implementing and developing the technical standards based on the consensus in the global campaign of BMW I8 is evaluated on the grounds that BMW aspires to keep its Brand Image and name Unabridged. Having different campaigns in different countries may result in different brand image across the nation but it did not happen as it maintains standardization It aspires to maintain one Brand image worldwide no matter where its prospective customers lie as it is deemed to show the same performance and maintain excellent standards where ever it may go. The shareholders of BMW are highly concentrated, because of its high performance standards. Maintaining a standard Add campaign has helped the company in saving costs as well because of its benefits gathered from economies of scale. Having multiple add campaigns across the nation would have resulted in high costing as it would have acquired professional promoters, advertising agency to advertise the same. So a uniform Add campaign leads to effective and efficient use of resources for BMW. The Cancer Research UK has maintained standardization in a way that it has adopted same set of Target audience across the world. Different class of people helped in funding the organization but it spread one message across all the nations i.e. help the needy Cancer patients get rid of this cancerous disease. Simplification in spreading one message across all the nations worldwide helped Cancer Research UK maintains standardization There are many occurrences of Standardization in Global Advertising campaign in the modern era. Globalization is the emerging trend in business in the 21st century. The audience of this global culture has similar responsiveness, no matter what their caste, color and creed is. These days whether it is US customers or China customers everybody has a need for similar products but in different forms. These products are made available through varied add campaigns. Every add campaign though delivers the same message but at times language issues may change the meaning of the Tagline i.e. the message forecasted so it is mandatory to convert the message in different languages in order to make the product successful. If such a strategy is adopted worldwide it can lead to effective adoption of standardization methods Conclusion In todays world every product manufactured is traded worldwide no matter how small or large it is. Therefore it is viable for organizations to consider the Impact of Globalization before putting into practice international marketing standards. For instance it is important to understand and identify different prospective like competitive advantage, consumer behavior, demographics, market diversity and decision making policies. By having handful of information regarding management of the company can help in strengthening the strategies internationally. Due to changing impact of economies of scale it is mandatory for organizations to study the impact of Globalization. Thus standards are useful tools to achieve technical, political and managerial objectives. They widely contribute to free trade and can enrich legal and political matters in a targeted and flexible manner. Standardized marketing for Global companies basically provides cost benefits. Customized add campaign are not required if universal message is spread across everywhere. Also if the Brand theme is high-powered and has global presence a standardized approach helps people worldwide. Innovation and creativity is another goal of the company. For attracting potential and worthy customers the organization aims at brainstorming new strategies for the business. Wal-Mart is the best example as it served as a market leader globally by giving low prices, offering good customer service and innovative products. The company is forced to adopt strategies in-order to deliver future enhancement, penetrative strategies to enter global market and introduce high quality product. References Annoymous, 2015. marketing process. [Online] Available at: https://www.cheapassignmenthelp.co.uk/various-elements-of-the-marketing-process/ [Accessed 2017]. Bhasin, H., 2017. Marketing91. [Online] Available at: https://www.marketing91.com/best-print-ads-of-bmw/ [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Czinkota, M., 2006. International Marketing - Page 19. New York. Doole, I., 2005. Strategic Marketing Decisions in Global Markets - Page 137. London. Douglas, H., 2004. hbswk. [Online] Available at: https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/how-consumers-value-global-brands [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Gerber, K., 2008. FCS Marketing Communication L3 - Page 17. Houston, F., 2000. The marketing concept:what it is and what it is not. London. Hunt, J., 2014. Chron.com. [Online] Available at: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/basic-elements-found-marketing-plans-22980.html [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Jeannet, J.a.H.H., 2000. GlobalMarketing Strategies. Boston,MA: Houghton Mifflin Company. Johnson, J.D., 2000. Advertising Today, Chicago: Science Research Associates. Chicago. Kotler, P. Kohler, K., 2000. Marketing Management. London: Pearson. Krasnikov, A., 2008. IMPACT OF NATIONAL CULTURE ON TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS IN EMERGING. Levitt, T., 2000. The globalization of markets. Harvard Business Review, 61(3), pp.99-102. Nikitina, D., 2014. press.bmwgroup. [Online] Available at: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0179914EN/global-launch-campaign-for-bmw-i8?language=en [Accessed 18 May 2017]. Ottaway, L., 2014. torquenews. [Online] Available at: https://www.torquenews.com/2250/bmw-i8-ad-campaign-will-give-you-chills [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Peter, A., 2015. campaignlive. [Online] Available at: https://www.campaignlive.com/article/cathay-pacific-unveils-global-life-traveled-campaign/1330184 [Accessed 19 May 2017]. Purcell, D., 20111. Globalization and the Role of Standardization. New York: Springer. Taure, A., 2014. businessinsider. [Online] Available at: https://www.businessinsider.in/Gus-Van-Sant-Made-These-Artsy-Ads-For-BMWs-Hybrid-i8-THE-BRIEF/articleshow/35119471.cms [Accessed 19 May 2017]. ZDNet., 2008. Standard competition and Globalization. London.

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Malters Development In The Chosen Essays - The Chosen, The Promise

Malter's Development in The Chosen Reuven Malter's Development in The Chosen by Chaim Potok Malter's Development in The Chosen One of the most emotional scenes from Chaim Potok's The Chosen is when Reuven goes with Danny Saunders to talk to his father. Danny has a great mind and wants to use it to study psychology, not become a Hasidic tzaddik. The two go into Reb Saunders' study to explain to him what is going to happen, and before Danny can bring it up, his father does. Reb Saunders explains to the two friends that he already known that Reuven is going to go for his smicha and Danny, who is in line to become the next tzaddik of his people, will not. This relates to the motif of ?Individuality? and the theme of ?Danny's choice of going with the family dynasty or to what his heart leads him.? The most developing character from the novel is Reuven Malter. One of the ways that he developes in the novel is in hus understanding of friendship. His friendship with D\fanny Saunders is encouraged by his father, but he is wary of it at first because Danny is a Hasid, and regards regular Orthodox Jews as apikorsim because of the teachings of his father. Reuven goes from not being able to have a civil conversation with Danny to becoming his best friend with whom he spens all of his free time, studies Talmud and goes to college. Reuven truly grows because he leans, as his father says, what it is to be a friend. Another way that Reuven grows is that he learns to appreciate different people and their ideas. He starts out hating Hasidim because it's the ?pious? thing to do, even though his father (who I see as the Atticus Finch of this novel) keeps telling him that it's okay to disagree with ideas, but hating a person because of them is intolerable. Through his friendship with Danny, studies with Reb Saunders, brief crush on Danny's sister (who was never given a name), and time spent in the Hasidic community, he learns that Hasids are people too with their own ideas and beliefs that are as valuable as his. He learns why they think, act, speak, and dress the way that they do and comes to grips with the fact that he doesn't have a monopoly on virtue. A third way in which Reuven grows, though the book doesn't really talk about it a great deal, is in his appreciation of life, or cha'im in Hebrew. He almost loses his vision, his father nearly works himself to death, six million Jews are butchered in Europe, and Danny's brother's poor health threatens Danny's choice to not become a tzaddik. When his eye is out of order he can't read, and indeed does remark that it's very difficult to live without reading, especially with a voracious appetite for learning such as his. His father almost dies twice and he talks about how difficult it is to live all alone in silence (which is a metaphor alluding to Danny's everyday life) for the month while his father is in the hospital. He sees Reb Saunders and his father feeling the suffering of the six million dead, Saunders by crying and being silent, David Malter by working for the creation of a Jewish state and being a leader in the movement, in addition to teaching at a yeshiva and adult education classes. And of course Danny is very worried by his brother's illness (hemophillia?) because if he dies it will be even harded for Danny to turn down his tzaddikship. By the end of the book, Reuven Malter is a very changed character. Potok is an expert with using allusion and metaphor. Very subtly throughout the book he uses this for the purposes of renforcing his points, foreshadowing, and to make the book a better read when you've read it previously and know the outcome. One example of this, one that I missed the first time I read the book in 7th grade is the paragraph at the end of chapter nine where Reuven is sitting on his porch and sees a fly trapped in a spider's web with the arachnid builder approaching. He blows on the fly, first softly, and then more harshly, and the fly is free and safe from the danger of the spider. This is a metaphor to Danny being trapped in the ?filmy, almost invisible strands of the web? (165) that is a metaphor for the Hasidic clan that

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Meghry Paper 2

Meghry Paper 2 Meghry Paper 2 Elise Berberian GBUS 600 T 7-9:45 Fall 2014 Management paper It can easily be said that there are hundreds of thousands of companies, big and small, in our quickly evolving world today. It can also undoubtedly be said that not ONE of those companies run at maximum efficiency, with the non-error rate of one hundred percent. This does not imply that the products and services that these companies are providing are not â€Å"perfect† but that the structure in itself cannot be unflawed. A â€Å"perfect† company simply does not exist. There are many contributing factors to this issue: managerial skills, employee inefficiencies, communication issues, dissatisfaction, demotivation, hygiene, technological advances, etc. The list goes on and on, but what we, as students and future leaders, need to do is study and understand managerial theories from great authors such as Fredrick W. Taylor, Frederick Herzberg and Henry Mintzberg, and apply them into our world today. For most companies, the mutual goal between employee and employer, ac cording to Taylor (1911), should be â€Å"maximum prosperity† for both parties, which oddly enough, is not always the case. (Taylor, 1911, p.2) Why is this? Our country’s productivity levels are not running to full capacity and employees are deliberately working inefficiently. Companies are suffering from employees underworking to avoid a full day’s work, also known as soldiering (Taylor, 1911, p.4). The topic of soldiering was one that stuck with me when reading these articles about these managerial theories. During my senior year of high school, I began working at a big law firm, which had recently merged and was looking to hire a second file clerk. Although the firm was reluctant about hiring someone my age, as my first job, I was eager to do well and prove that I was worthy. I was the first one to clock in and would have all my tasks completed before the end of the workday. My level of productivity was at its maximum efficiency. Although I was praised by some of my coworkers for my diligence, I was being condemned by the other file clerk. As a naà ¯ve seventeen-year-old, I couldn’t understand why I was resented for doing exactly what was required of me in a proficient manner. I eventually had to confront the senior file clerk and during our conversation, she subtly explained to me the art of â€Å"soldiering.† I was dumbfounded and opposed to the idea. Soon after that, every morning I would dread going into work with fear that I would be chastised. My work environment became so hostile, that I ultimately had to quit. As I reminisce on my first job, there are recommendations that I feel inclined to present to my old firm, the main suggestion being: 1) To eliminate any employee who intentionally works slowly and imposes that work ethic and 2) To give recognition to those who are assiduous. Reprimanding soldiering employees will give incentive for others to work hard, increasing efficiency and making a favorable w ork environment, which will in turn bring more prosperity to the employer and the employee. Fast-forward 5 years later, I am officially a college graduate, motivated to jump into a long-term career. I knew I wanted to be in the industry of Real Estate. That entire summer was dedicated to studying and analyzing all things related to real estate. I had finally earned my license and was ready to practice. After interviewing with many brokers, I decided to hang my license with a well-known brokerage company that had hundreds of agents working under it. My days consisted of making hundreds of cold calls a day, almost all of which were dead leads, all in a confined work space. After speaking to one the managing brokers, the least I could say is that I was extremely discouraged, with zero job satisfaction. I knew something had to give. I decided to change companies and work for a smaller, yet more hands-on firm. My Broker, whom I still look up to today as a great leader, helped me rediscover my

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Discuss the prospects for a peaceful resolution to the Essay

Discuss the prospects for a peaceful resolution to the isreali-palestinian conflict.What are the core issues that need to be resolved for lasting peace to occur - Essay Example decades in order to bring about lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians but all of these attempts have ended up in failure mainly because of the unwillingness of either side to make concessions that are deemed to be advantageous to their rivals. The result has been that the conflict has remained intense and this to such an extent that it has become common for both sides to level accusations and counter accusations towards each other over their unwillingness to bring about lasting peace. It is essential to note that there are many issues that have to be resolved in order for lasting peace to be brought about in this region, some of which will be discussed in this paper. Among the issues to be resolved are the following; the conflict of identity, socio-psychological barriers, religion, justice and fairness as a barrier, and finally, the strategic decisions taken during the peace process. One of the biggest issues that have to be resolved in order to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an end is the conflict of identity. This is a situation which developed as a result of the forced removal of Palestinians from their land during the war of 1947 to 1949 which brought about the Palestinian refugee crisis (Flapan 1987, p.4; Morris 2004, p.48). This crisis has become one of the major issues of contention during the peace process because it has brought about a situation where among the points made by Palestinian authorities is that the refugees have a right to return to their ancestral lands. The argument for return is one which is normally bitterly opposed by Israel because it would essentially mean the invalidation of the Jewish state and recognition that it has settled Palestinian land illegally. This is a concession that Israel is unwilling to make because it would essentially bring its development over the last six decades to a halt. Furthermore, most Israelis b elieve that the land that was occupied starting from 1948 is their ancestral land and that